8 Wack Wack Condominium - AMENITIES

Before making you investment, it is logic to know the kind of features and activities that awaits you. This helps to make life more interesting and fun. When you have a great way to spend your leisure time, you have the best time to make new friends. This is also to give life a meaning, to make it exciting especially for the young children.

Here are the various amenities;

  • Lap pool
  • Lounge at the pool side
  • Function room
  • Children’s playground
  • Sauna
  • Gymnasium
  • Viewing and sun deck

8 Wack Wack Mandaluyong also provides its residents with the best features. These features create the difference in this investment from all others. The features in 8 Wack Wack Mandaluyong includes;

  • Parking areas
  • Gaming and entertainment areas
  • Mini-garden 
  • Pool bar
  • Fitness room
  • Grand entrance lobby
  • Cable TV
  • Well finished walls, floors and ceiling

Every residential; investment requires basic features and amenities. This helps to make life unique and bearable. With the 8 Wack Wack Mandaluyong residences, you are able to get the leading amenities. This includes amenities for parents and the children. Make your investment today and enjoy living in the luxurious apartments. The apartments have reliable supply of water and electricity. 

The greatest advantage of staying at 8 Wack Wack Mandaluyong is the fact that it is located near the metropolitan of the Philippines. This ensures that all nearby places are really near. They are also very essential institutions and places of entertainment. For a business person, living in this investment provides great convenience. You do not spend a lot of time when attending the business meetings and the clients.

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